lighting up our nation with Solar Energy

Elaine Solar Africa’s Initiatives towards the future

We intend to become an innovative player in the development and evolution of renewable energy in Zimbabwe and beyond its borders. Through its Power Up Generations 2030 strategy campaign, Together with our partners we hope to provide renewable solar energy in all sectors requiring energy spanning from infrastructure development, transportation and agriculture to mention but a few. Integrating solar energy cutting across industry will help in creating sound sustainable efficient economies that harness their productions and processes focusing on reliable affordable energy sources. Through establishment of massive solar projects through Solar Farms, ESA ‘s vision is to take its markets totally off-grid. Our Target is to reach 30000 households by 2025.




Our Impact

Over 60% of Zimbabwe’s population is rural based with minimal development within the energy provision sector. This means most rural households still depend on kerosene fuel energy for most household systems that limits them in access to information provided through internet connectivity and television broadcasting. As a result, there is a huge gap between rural and urban communities in opportunities and information dissemination that needs an efficient source to tap into covering the gaps. Through our rural based project Chiedza Kuvanhu, we strive to provide affordable solar systems.

Due to rural to urban migration for job opportunities, most rural households have had women remaining as heads of the house leaving them to make decisions in up-keeping the households. Providing them with energy systems allows them to be able to live normal lives involving access to opportunities. ESA has created a system to which 80% of its agents intake is female creating income opportunities for women. By so doing we  ensure productive employment creation through our various distribution and development channels which will support mostly the youth from underprivileged communities.

Through our solar systems distribution, our hope is to stamp our footprint in combating climate change through Global Warming. The more the solar systems that we distribute to our markets, the less emissions of harmful gasses through fossil fuel burning and other resources that produce carbon.


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